McDonnell Initiative Participates in Science & Technology Conference at Purdue University

On November 15-16, 2019, several members of the McDonnell Initiative participated in a conference, “Science and Technology in the Long 20th Century,” held at Purdue University in Lafayette, IN. Prof. Frederick R. Davis, the R. Mark Lubbers Chair in the History of Science and the Head of the Purdue History Department, co-organized the event, which was also sponsored by the Department of History. The conference featured a round table format, with five-minute presentations by participants and in-depth discussions of topics engaging science, technology, and society through history, anthropology, sociology, and philosophy. Davis, who also runs the McDonnell Working Group on Ecosystem Regeneration, participated in two round tables, one discussing publishing in the history of science and a second focused on environmental issues. McDonnell PI’s, Prof. Jane Maienschein and Dr. Kate MacCord, spoke in a round table focused on biology, emphasizing the advantages of collaborations among humanists, social scientists, and working biologists. Maienschein emphasized broader themes while MacCord highlighted her research as co-leader of the Germ Line Regeneration Working Group. Neuron Regeneration Working Group co-leader, Kathryn Maxson Jones, chaired the Biology session. Other sessions included STEM and Gender; Sport and Technology; Science, Technology, and Violence; and Information and the Material World.

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