Neuron Regeneration

From 19th-century research to present-day studies, nerve cell regeneration has always had a place at the MBL and in the history of the “neuro” disciplines.

We seek to understand the history of neuron regeneration within biology over time. For instance, how have invertebrates and vertebrates differed in their contributions to neurobiology? And how can we characterize the crucial roles of less “standard” experimental organisms, such as many aquatic species, in neurobiology today and in the past?

Project Leaders: Kathryn Maxson Jones (Princeton/MBL), Jennifer Morgan (MBL)

Working Group Members: Fabio de Sio (Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf), Pamela Imperadore (Association for Cephalopod Research, Naples)

Featured image courtesy of Jennifer Morgan’s laboratory.

Kathryn Maxson Jones

McDonnell Scholar @MBL, PhD candidate @Princeton University. Read more.

Jennifer Morgan

Director of the Eugene Bell Center @MBL. Associate scientist. Read more.

Fabio de Sio

Historian of biology @ the Institut für Geschichte, Theorie und Ethik der Medizin, Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf.

Pamela Imperadore

Postdoctoral scholar @ the Association for Cephalopod Research – CephRes (Napoli, Italy).