What people are saying about the McDonnell Initiative @MBL

[After discussions with embedded historians and philosophers] I’m starting to think about things differently.

Rudolf Oldenbourg Senior Scientist @MBL

The experience inspired me to formulate new questions and hypotheses.

Hanna Worliczek PhD Microbiology, HPS PhD candidate @University of Vienna

My interactions with Tomomi and the other scientists at the MBL provided me with new ideas for future avenues of historical research that never would have occurred to me otherwise

Michelle LaBonte PhD Biology, HPS PhD candidate @Harvard University

The discussions opened my mind to the understanding on the current virtues and pitfalls of the system for which I am somehow expert.

Ramon Rossello-Mora PhD Microbiology @CSIC-UIB

This was a valuable opportunity to speak with philosophers and historians with whom I share interests.

David Hibbett PhD Biology @ Clark University

It was nice to take the time to address philosophical issues within our research. The problems are known, but often ignored, as if they will somehow resolve themselves.

Katja Seltmann PhD Biology @ UCSB

My research is already interdisciplinary, however, the conversations / discussion from this workshop opened my eyes as to how far the realm of interdisciplinary research can be extended.

Arvind Varsani PhD Molecular and Cell Biology @ASU