The McDonnell Initiative has become the hub of an international network, bringing together historians and philosophers of science and life scientists.


Since the beginning of 2019, the McDonnell Initiative has focused on investigating how regeneration works across the scales of complex living systems.

We have supported scholars from institutions around the world to participate in a wide variety of activities.

Including scholars from 11 states.

Mcdonnell initiative pilot grant (2017-2019)

During the McDonnell Initiative Pilot grant, we funded scholars to participate in events that brought together historians, philosophers, and scientists.

The scholars we supported through the McDonnell Initiative Pilot grant are from institutions around the world.

Including scholars from 21 states.

The pilot grant focused on three topics: Microscopy, Taxonomy, and Regeneration.

Microscopy Participants

Taxonomy participants

Regeneration participants

McDonnell Scholars

To date, we have funded six McDonnell Scholars to visit the Marine Biological Laboratory for research and collaborations with scientists for times ranging from one week to nine months.